Adventure Travel 2014 (June 2014; up-and-coming adventure destinations for 2014)

Cutting-Edge Gifts: The Top Tech, Toys, Trackers and Totally Awesome Fitness Accessories (December 2015 holiday gift guide)
Where Next 2015: The Men's Fitness Guide to Ultimate Action Adventures (November 2014; adventure trips)
Break the Ice: Tough-As Nails Training and Ski Gear from the Mountain Experts (November 2014; stay warm all winter)
Ride Now: Get Fit. Shred Fat. Look Sharp. (May 2014; summer cycling guide: gear, style, tips and workouts for on and off-road)
The Fittest & Fattest Cities in America (April 2014; feature exploring what makes America's fitness capital so healthy)
Brave New Wool (March 2014; gear piece about high-tech updates to wool—the original "tech" fabric) wool-synthetic blends
Sci-Fi Sochi: The Game-Changing Tech of the Winter Olympics (the innovations that are making Olympians Faster, Higher and generally More Bad-Asser)
Hottest New Outdoor Gear and Gadgets 2014 (15 top gear picks from Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2014)
The 2014 World Cup Has Balls—Officially (the most tested soccer ball in history is unveiled)

Buying Guide: Throwback Camping Gear (the guide to camping like your parents did)
Essay: Learning to Work Standing Up (in which I start working at an adjustable stand-up desk…still doing it)
Stand-Up Guy: The 5 Best Standing Desks (I think this is pretty self-explanatory)
10 Canned Craft Beers to Drink Now (sometimes…sigh…you have to drink beer for work)
Sound and Fury: The Best Sports Headphones (yes, I do wear headphones while I work out)
Cushion for Pushin': Maximalist Running Shoes (the low-down on the growing "fat shoe" trend)

The Buzz on Health Trackers (a peek at the high-tech sensors used by activity trackers like the Apple Watch)

9 Above-the-Treeline Rides with Mind-Blowing Views ('nuff said, right?)
Leave the Car Behind: 7 Bike-Only Vacations (get a change of pace from summer road trips)
Beautiful Bike Rides Around 7 Big Cities (get on your bike and away from the crowds)

Filibusted: Al Franken Sick of Senate Stalling (political commentary for The Q)
Canadians Do Technically Own the Podiums (Vancouver Olympics commentary for The Q)

The Explorer Gets His Dreamboats (story about ocean explorer Bob Ballard's high-tech fleet)
Antarctic Eggs-pedition Journal for Sale (Bonhams auctions off Edward A. Wilson's penguin journal)

Future Gear 2014: Best in Show at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2014 (12 top gear picks)
Wired Wilderness: Best New Tech at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2014 (new techs that are changing the outdoor experience)
The 50 Best Bike Shops in America 2013 (coordinated and co-wrote this crowd-sourced ranking of local bike shops that garnered over 2.5K votes)
Fad Fitness: CrossFit (on my six-week dive into a primal fitness craze)
What It Takes to Win It All—Twice (Q+A with dual-championship adventure racing team)
The Long View of Martin Litton (a tribute to the famed defender of the Desert Southwest)
Heavy Stuff: The Case for Weight Classes in Running (the reason for "Clydesdale" and "Athena" categories)
Walking the Line: A Man's 1,700-mile Keystone XL Hike (Q+A with enviro-hiker Ken Ilgunas)
11 Outrageous Outdoorsy Commutes (real human-powered commutes by bike, boat, zipline and more)
The Original (and Evil) Tough Guy Race (the soul-crushing race that inspired the Tough Mudder)
The National Parks, Ranked (coordinated and co-wrote this first-ever ranking of the USA's 59 national parks)
Super Safari: Iconic Animals of the National Parks (where to see moose, wolves, bison and bighorn sheep)
White Wonders: 17 of the Snowiest Resorts in North America (resorts where the white stuff is guaranteed)
The Best National Parks in Winter (where to play in the off-season)
Paul Theroux: "Travel Is Not Dead" (four epic adventure ideas from celebrated travel author)
Future Gear 2013: The Best New Tools & Toys (favorites from Outdoor Retailer Winter Market '13)
Hot Shots: The 12 Best Sports Cameras (from GoPros to goggle cams, the best for every sport)
Gear Review: Outdoor Research Axiom Jacket (a waterpoof, breathable jacket vs. Iceland's Laugavegur trek)
On Lockdown: The 10 Best Bike Locks (a review of secure, portable bike locks)
Head Games: A Tale of Two Helmets (an in-depth review/cost-benefit analysis of two bike helmets)
Top Powder Skis 2013  |  Top All-Mountain Skis 2013  |  Top Frontside Skis 2013
Sweat-Tested: The 20 Best Antiperspirant Deodorants (testing the best in NYC summer heat)
Fresh Gear: Cargo Joe C21 Hybrid Bike (a folding cargo bike?!)
The 11 Best New Fitness Gadgets (boot up your fitness with health- and workout-tracking gizmos)
Fresh Gear: Outdoor Retailer, Pt. 1 (top picks from Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '12)
Fresh Gear: Outdoor Retailer, Pt. 2 (more top picks from Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '12)
Pocket Personal Trainers: 7 Best Personal Training Apps (get celebrity fit with your smartphone)
Get the Gear! Stink-Proof Merino Wool (a primer on the ancient wonder-fabric)
Classic Gear, Updated: MSR WhisperLite (the world's most reliable camp stove is updated)
Bomber Gear: Gerber Venture Knife
Get the Gear! Featherweight Sleeping Pad (high-tech, Jetsons-worthy camping gear)
Get the Gear! Overloaded Pocketknife (behold, a 30-tool Swiss Army knife!)
Pro Cycling's Dreaded Asterisk (Tour de France's "era without winners" already realized)
Video: Red Bull's "Athlete-Powered" Machine (Red Bull has money and—yes—athletes)
"Impossible" Expedition Prompted by Pride (headstrong Brits plan South Pole winter ski traverse)
New Book: Inside Lance Armstrong's Doping Crew (takeaways from Tyler Hamilton's "The Secret Race")
Good and Bad News from the Adirondacks (hurricane-damaged trails reopen for stampede of hikers)
Grand Teton's Golden Season (why fall is the Rockies' best season)
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Two of Ski Mountaineering's Leading Ladies on Skiing Everest (Q+A with Kit DesLauriers and Hillaree O'Neill about their quest to ski the world's tallest mountain)
Jordan Manley on Globetrotting to Capture A Skier's Journey (Q+A with photographer/videographer Jordan Manley)

Fight at the Museum (dispatch from a raucous art-party-turned-naval-battle)
Star Fish (dispatch about a 44-year-old fish from Queens)
Loco Layover (how to spend a five-hour layover in Mexico City)

Roads Less Traveled (an 8-page hiking/camping package featuring ranger-sourced hikes, survival tips, a campground finder and gear guide)
Swamp Thing (feature about searching for the Skunk Ape, the Everglades' own Bigfoot)